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Why We Issue the Tokens

The creation of a tool that will be further transformed into the Club cryptocurrency. Tokens will be both an internal account unit and a universal online asset, whose owners will be able to lend on preferential terms, manage their own crypto currency exchange and sell services, business in the field of risk insurance. More detailed information is in WP.
Investments attraction for the development and promotion of the new products - trust asset management service, terminal MT-5, P2P crypto currency exchange, risk insurance systems for smart contracts.
The platform decentralization, providing for the solution of the main issues of the club's work by voting the tokens holders.

What Does the Tokens Holder Receive

Platform profit distribution between the tokens holders
Payment of 10 cents for 1 token in the period from 1 to 10 April 2018
Payment of 10 cents for 1 token in the period from 1 to 15 September 2018
The amount of payments can be adjusted by 25-30% in any direction, depending on the financial performance of the platform.
Beginning on November 1, 10% of the Club's profit is directed monthly to buy tokens on the open market (exchange trades inside the platform and exchanges, where the club's tokens will be sold).
Taking into account the fact that the total number of tokens is limited, the token redemption from the market will ensure the growth of their exchange rate.

Five Million Tokens Sale

PreSale: September 4-6

At the PreSale stage, 500,000 tokens will be sold at the price of 5 cents. Presale period is 2 days.
Stage 1: September 6-13
For the first 7 days after the PreSale, 1 million tokens will be sold at the price of 10 cents.
Stage 2: September 13 - October 15
For the next 3 weeks 2.5 millions of tokens will be sold at the price of 20 cents.
If the claimed number of tokens in the previously designated terms is sold for the PreSale period, the sale will be discontinued. After the end of this period, the tokens that were not sold are nullified; the emission of new tokens is not possible within a year, in the future, it will be possible only if 75% of the tokens holders approve the decision on additional issue.

Tokens Divesification

10% of tokens are allocated to the club team
10% bounty
токенов выставляются на продажу

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